Double jet hand dryer is hand dryer industry's flagship product, jet hand dryers is the most advanced manufacturing technology . High performance brushless dc motor,we also called it High Speed Hand Dryer, the actual service life can reach more than 10 years; Microcomputer automatic control, makes the air speed is higher and more stable performance. Original flash frequency of infrared technology, making the sensor is of strong resistance to light interference.High Speed Hand Dryers with the HEPA filter, air purification rate reached 99%.
jet dryer different with the ordinary hand dryer, it using two high speed up to 95 m/s wind to form a certain Angle,make water from up to blow down from the hand, so as to achieve the rapid hand dryer. jet hand dryers is mainly used in food factory, electronic factory dust-free workshop, airport, etc., with the development of The Times, double jet hand dryer in all over the word gradually popularization, let more people to use energy saving for the country, for enterprises to save money,jet hand dryer save time for the public good hand dryer.
Energy saving:High Speed Hand Dryer principle of internal heating recirculation, significant energy saving.
Health:High Speed Hand Dryers automatically by the inductive components out of the wind, no need to touch switch which can effectively avoid bacteria cross infection, fully embodies the modern health concept.
Safety:jet dryer include overheating, overload protection, double more secure, more at ease. Low noise fast drying machine running stability, high speed, big wind, dry and comfortable,jet dryer can save time.