Dul-side High Speed Jet Hand Dryer Brush Motor Type DH2006H

wall mounted Hand Dryer | Dihour High Speed Hand Dryer

Model: DH2006H
Motor: Brush motor,Life time:1-2 years
Air speed:95m/s

wall mounted Hand Dryers

Fast drying hand in 7-10 seconds
Antibacterial ABS plastic material

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    Automatic Touch Free, Infra-red controlEnclosure-ABS with anti-bacterial additive
    Noise level-72dbColour-White or metallic silver
    Dry Time-7-10sWater ingress protection-IPX4 WARRANTY
    Air Speed-95M/SAir Filter-Washable type
    Voltage-220-240V AC 50/60HzNet weight-9kg
    Rated Power-1900WDepth-220mm
    Motor Type-BrushSize-300mm(wide)687mm(height)
    CE,ROSHBrush motor 1 years,whole machine 1 year.

    The High Speed Hand Dryers takes only 7 seconds to dry your hands with the ultra fast airflow at 95m/s.High Speed Hand Dryers' Infrared Sensor Designmakes sure your hands don't come into contact with any surface when drying.wall mounted Hand Dryers's unique drain tank design also keeps water from dripping onto the floor and avoids a mess. High Speed Hand Dryer hand drying area, drain tank, and even drain hose of wall mounted Hand Dryer have all been antimicrobial treated for better sanitation, the nonflammable material avoid any accidents.

  • No air blows even if hands are inserted.


    Do the display indicators lights up?
    Is the power switch on?
    Areyou puttting your hands all the way in?


    Turn the ground-fault circuit breaker on.
    Turn the power switch on.
    Puthands all the way in.

    Machine works long time after hands drawn out,finally shows E2


    Any dirt or foreign body on sensor?


    Switch off the power button,and then remove dirt orforeign body on sensor after the power light gone out.
    When finished,switch onpower button.

    No hot wind


    There is a Built-in heater in the unit.Anydirt on heating sensor?
    Fuseinside terminal box blown?


    Is the ambient temperature higher than 20℃?
    Switch off power,remove front cover. There is a terminal box inside.Take down the cover of terminal box inside.
    Take down the cover of terminal box.Check the fuse inside box which is blown or not.

    Airflow is too low?


    Is the speed button on low level?


    Put speed button on the high level.
    If the above actions do not work,turn off the power and the ground-fault circuit breaker,and call your dealer to inspect and repair it if necessary.(Costs are as per agreement with the dealer)