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Best hand dryer​ to dry hands quickly 2017-07-21

Dihour provided best hand dryer is perfectly design to dry hands quickly in a less time. Our provided  bathroom hand dryer is specially designed using advance technology by our skilled professionals. Besides, we provide the entire range in various designs and specifications, as per the requirement of our clients.

A comprehensive range of bathroom hand dryer​ 2017-07-14

Dihour are a prominent industry engaged in providing a comprehensive range of auto hand dryers and auto soap dispensers to our clients at industry leading prices. This  bathroom hand dryer is demanded extensively by the customers and is appreciated for their durable standards, functional efficiency and excellent strength. These bathroom hand dryers are available at market leading prices.

Double jet hand dryer is hand dryer industry's flagship product 2017-07-07

Double jet hand dryer is hand dryer industry's flagship product, manufacturing technology with dry hands with the world's most advanced. Brushless DC motor with high performance, the real life of up to 10 years; the microcomputer automatic control,the wind speed is higher, the performance is more stable; the original infrared flash frequency technology, so that the sensor can be resistant to strong light interference;four filter configuration the newly adopted (nano silver, vitamin, photocatalyst, to dust),making the air purification rate reached 99%.With the common touchless hand dryers, double jet hand dryer with two shares of up to 95 M /high speed wind forming certain angle second, handle on water to lower down, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid hand dryer. This type of hand dryer is mainly used forfood factory, electronic factory, airport, dust-free workshop, with the development of the times, double jet hand dryer gradually in the Chinese popularization, let more people to use for the country's energy-saving, for the enterprise to save money,excellent hand dryer to save time for the public.

About bathroom hand dryer 2017-06-30

The bathroom hand dryer is a fantastic cost effective replacement for any conventional hand dryer.The touchless hand dryer offer a fast drying time without the high power consumption. •900w vacum brush resistance motor•Air speed of 300 kph for fast drying•Infrared touch free operation

A variety of commercial hand dryers​ for any bathroom 2017-06-23

Dihour provide a variety of commercial hand dryers for any bathroom. Bathroom hand dryer can eliminate the cost of buying and replenishing tissues. The bathroom business has made environmentally sound decisions to save trees and energy in the messy environment of a toilet paper towel. We bring the automatic button commercial bathroom hand dryer. The latest models of high-speed dry phones can dry in 10 to 15 seconds.

Bathroom hand dryer​ at a low cost 2017-06-16

If you need a machine that will give you low maintenance all the times that you use auto hand dryers, don’t even doubt this one. Order it right away. It is an item that will promote good hygiene because it helps you to take of the environment by having less waste. There is no noise experienced while using it. Bathroom hand dryer also helps in conserving energy and the end product is a low cost.