Working principle of dry hand
2017-03-06 by dihour
The working principle of the warm air hand dryers is generally the sensor to detect the signal (hand), this signal to see the control to open the heating circuit relay and the hair dryer, start heating, hair. When the sensor detects the signal disappears, the release of contacts, heating circuit and the blowing circuit relay disconnect, stop heating, hair.

Common malfunctions
Automatic induction of high-speed dry cell phone for food production enterprises is advanced and ideal sanitation equipment, can bring clean, hygienic, safe, pollution-free dry effect. When you wash your hands, the hands will be extended to the automatic induction high-speed dry phone outlet, automatic dry hand will automatically send high-speed warm air, quickly quickly dry hands, when the hand away from the dry cell outlet, automatically stop working to achieve rapid Hand and prevention of cross-infection of bacteria.