How to adapt to people getting higher and higher requirements
2017-03-02 by dihour
Automatic hygienic hand dryer is now becoming an indispensable public places supplies, we found through the survey with the improvement of people's health awareness, automatic hand dryer also made a higher demand, here to sum up, the following points :

1, automatic hand dryer dry hand speed made harsh requirements, try to blow for a long time, there has been dripping, who can not stand, we can accept the most should feel about 3-5 seconds, similar to remove the towel paper And then hand dry the speed.
2, automatic hand dryer surface cleanliness requirements, think of a dirty automatic hand dryer no one is willing to use, although many automatic hand dryer are non-contact. So automatic hand dryer easy to keep clean is a key factor.
3, for the automatic hand dryer blowing out the cleanliness of the air requirements, automatic hand dryer products are usually installed after the cleaning and maintenance is rarely done, so many people began to worry about the internal health of automatic hand dryer problems , This is also the automatic hand dryer industry need to pay attention to the problem.
4, for the automatic hand dryer inside the wind blowing out of the temperature requirements, many people have encountered the use of hand-sensing device, especially in summer, very grilled, there is a feeling of pain, so that we are very Comfortable, which has become an automatic hand dryer to become an important factor in the furnishings.
In response to the continuous improvement of the requirements of the dry hand in the development and production process, the product innovation, so that our products can achieve high-speed dry hand, easy to clean, comfortable, anti-bacterial filter function.