The main parameters of the hand dryer
2017-02-24 by dihour
1, shell, shell material not only determines the appearance of Airjet Hand Dryer, substandard material may become a fire hazard, better dry hand shell is usually ABS flame retardant plastic, metal painting, as well as engineering plastics.

2, the weight, mainly to consider the installation location and the material is sufficient capacity to bear the weight of dry hand, for example: cement brick wall generally do not consider the weight problem, as long as the installation method is appropriate, this is not a problem, but if it is color Steel and other materials should consider the load-bearing capacity of the problem, but some manufacturers do not provide a bracket to solve this problem.
3, the color, the color is mainly personal preferences and the overall environment with the problem, there is the food factory, pharmaceutical companies, as far as possible to choose the original color of the hand dryer, because the paint dry hand may be volatile, will affect the food or drugs The security
4, start mode, usually manual, infrared sensor in two ways, and now the new start mode photoelectric type, is characterized by fast start, not susceptible to environmental impact, such as strong light may cause the infrared hand dryer to stop or start their own , Optoelectronics use the way to block the amount of light to start, thus preventing the problem of infrared hand dryer, also do not hand contact hand dryers, thus preventing cross infection
5, the sensor position, according to their own needs
6, work, wall, bracket, according to their own needs to choose, often move the proposed use of bracket
7, work noise, usually the smaller the better
8, dry time, the shorter the better
9, standby current, the more the better tune
10, the wind temperature, according to their needs and choose the type of dry hand, usually choose a long time to run without a sense of injury is appropriate