The characteristics of jet dry hand
2017-03-08 by dihour
Improve the quality of life, let us in the living facilities have different degrees of improvement, you want to quickly do a dry hand in a short time? Then we first come to understand the characteristics of the next jet hand dryers.

Compared to the efficiency of ordinary hand dryer and wind speed energy consumption, jet jet hand jet high-speed air flow, making 10 meters / sec or so in the low-power mode in the low-power mode, Features.
Jet dry hand dry time is generally to consider the power of the size, but in accordance with the comprehensive mechanism, even if the energy consumption in more than 100W is more than ordinary energy consumption of more than 1500W dryers to work more efficient. Generally about 20 seconds in the dry hand rate in today's jet dry hand mode to speed up to just five or six seconds.
Jet windmill wind speed also has its special anti-bacterial environmental settings, as well as a special wind speed tray design, this design is to prevent the strong double-sided wind brought together the bacteria together. Because it takes this to cause water droplets, paper towels and other objects carrying bacteria will spread in the jet air to the surrounding and bring trouble to others, so joined the tray design.