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2016-02-26 by dihour
automatic hand dryers takes 30 seconds longer to achieve about the same dryness as a towel and this is important because most people spend less than 20 seconds drying their hands in a washroom,One study found that after 15 seconds of drying with a towel the residual water on the hands was reduced to one per cent, whereas after 45 seconds under a hot air dryer the residual water was reduced to three per cent.paper towels might be more hygienic than hand dryers because they physically remove bacteria.Hand-drying effectiveness includes the speed of commercial hand dryer, degree of dryness, effective removal of bacteria and prevention of cross-contamination,The study is published in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings.A review of this study by PubMed Health says that while using public restrooms, people should use whatever drying facilities are available, because drying hands is as essential as washing them thoroughly.