Dual Jet Hand Dryers
2016-03-31 by dihour
Dry hands with ordinary different, double-sided jet hand dryer utilizes two shares of up to 90-95 m / s wind speed a certain angle, water droplets on the handle downward blown, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid hand dryer, traditional hot-air hand dryer is the use of water slowly drying hands, slow wind speed, high temperature, and sometimes feel hot, deadly place. he can not simply dry hands, while the "jet" hand dryers with high-speed airflow quickly dry hands, especially in summer, cool breeze blowing dry hands straightforward; winter automatic auxiliary heating system is only in the cold winter to make your dry hands comfortable and efficient, will not, will not only be more cost electricity, but also with the traditional baking is hand (left and right power 2000w) compared to dry hands every time the power consumed by conventional hand dryer is only one eighteenth, which is the traditional power 650w 1/3 of drying hands, dry hands is a traditional bake time 6s hand 1/6. 500 passengers per day needed to dry hands power is less than 1 degree