Today’s hand dryers are much faster than previous generations
2016-07-11 by dihour
Today’s hand dryers are much faster than previous generations. They are also more energy efficient and much more fun to use. In the old days business owners were afraid to replace paper towels with hand dryers because, while making the change would be good for the environment, save money and reduce maintenance hassles, warm air hand blowers took too long to dry hands. With today’s latest generation of hand dryers, those “just wipe your hands on your pants” jokes go away.
So we always recommend a high speed hand dryer first. Not only are they better for the user, and not only can you get more users through a busy bathroom, but they are vastly more energy efficient than traditional hand dyers. That is because they use less energy and they are on for a shorter period of time. (Say 15 seconds vs 30 seconds.) There is one major trade off to high speed hand dryers: they are louder than slower hand dryers. There is almost a directly proportional relationship between time to dry and level of noise. However the manufacturers are working on this issue and expect to see improvements in the near future. There are a lot of quiet bathroom hand dryer available, usually at a good price, but you are giving up performance, which we feel is more important.