Hand dryer a far more economical choice
2016-07-19 by dihour
Dihour bathroom hand dryer costs considerably more than a paper towel dispenser to purchase and install; a small business can purchase a dryer from various sources for about $450 to $500. The cost of operation will depend on the dryer’s efficiency plus the cost per kilowatt-hour of electricity in your area. A typical electric hand dryer uses about 0.03 kwh of electricity per use. At an average world. cost of $0.0995 per kwh, the cost for using an electric dryer averages out to about $14.58 per month, a savings of more than $60 per month over using paper towels. This means the higher cost of purchasing the electric dryer is repaid within about seven months, making an electric hand dryer a far more economical choice than paper towels.