Dihour hand dryer has creative minds
2016-07-25 by dihour
The world is filled with harmful bacteria and disease causing germs and each day we come into contact with them. Luckily, our human bodies have been able to evolve and fight these germs and overcome things like the common cold, flu or swine flu. It leaves one to think about how to better protect ourselves against these harmful "bugs" that lurk around every corner of our daily lives. It is commonly thought that a public restroom contains the highest level of these germs and diseases,
Automatic faucets and sensor operated bathroom hand dryer were just the beginning of a new revolution in commercial bathroom products
For so long they became the "norm" and we soon lost our appreciation for the automatic marvels and began complaining about having to wipe our wet hands on our pants to dry them. Soon enough there was a solution thanks to the creative minds over at Dihour Dryer company, the Dihour hand dryer.