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Efficiency and innovation both describe the electric hand dryer 2017-09-08

Efficiency and innovation both describe the electric hand dryer. Its infrared sensor turns the unit on automatically when hands are placed underneath its blowing outlet, conserving power while also eliminating the transmission of germs by removing the need for manual control. 

how to choose a hand dryer 2017-08-31

1, shell: shell material not only determines the appearance of the dry phone, unqualified material may become a fire hazard, better dry phone shell is usually made of stainless steel, stainless steel paint, engineering plastics (ABS).Recommended food industry color selection 304 stainless steel color, or ABS plastic color of the dry phone.2, weight: If you want to consider the installation location and materials are sufficient capacity to withstand the weight of automatic dry phone, for example: cement brick wall generally can not consider the weight problem, but if it is color steel plate, gypsum board and other materials should consider bearing Capacity problems, color steel plate usually listen to the views of manufacturers of color steel, or dry phone manufacturers to provide test data reference.3, color: auto hand dryers is rich, usually white and stainless steel color for the best choice for food factory, if you must consider the environmental factors, then,stainless steel hand dryer is also a good choice. 4, start the principle: manual timer switch, infrared sensor, light blocking sensor mode. The latter two are non-contact induction mode, it is recommended that the food factory after the use of the two ways to start the mobile phone, which can effectively avoid cross-infection.

electric hand dryer in businesses 2017-08-23

Energy efficient electric hand dryers use hot air from a wall-mounted vent to dry hands in restrooms. Most electric hand dryers are installed in lieu of paper towel dispensers. Given the number of restrooms in businesses, an overall conversion to efficient hand dryers could have a significant impact on sustainability efforts in the city.Life cycle analyses have demonstrated that energy efficient hand dryers use less energy and fewer natural resources to dry hands than paper towels. In addition, replacing paper towels with a hand dryer reduces solid waste going to landfills, which reduces disposal and maintenance costs.

An commercial-grade electric hand dryer 2017-08-16

The commercial-grade electric hand dryer offers powerful, high-speed blowing action, equipped with both temperature and built-in overload protection fuses and a thermostat for ensuring proper operating temperature. The commercial hand dryer is also quite affordable and easy to install. 1.suitable for malls and clubs2.unit is also waterproof3.the plastic is a bit flimsy

electric hand dryer​ for you 2017-08-09

electric hand dryer allow you to replace traditional paper towel dispensers and decrease the amount of trash generated on a daily basis. Not only will your cleaning staff spend less time emptying trash bags, but you’ll be spending less money as well. Some hand dryers even feature no heating elements to help you save on energy and cut down on heating costs. With options in black, gray, stainless steel, and white, we've got a model to match any style.

An new electric hand dryer 2017-08-02

Conventional auto hand dryers take from 30 to 45 seconds to get a user's hands totally dry, and very few of us are willing to wait that long. The electric hand dryer with the automatic sensor-activated, it not only do your hands get dry in 10 to 15 seconds, but consumer test participants report that their hands also felt warm, soft and really dry.