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electric hand dryer with all of the most sought after features 2017-07-26

The electric hand dryer with all of the most sought after features. This commercial hand dryers with a compact and stylish design can be surface-mounted and still meet ADA compliance.With no need to recess this unit or buy a separate recess kit, installation is much less expensive and much less difficult. 

electric hand dryer in wash rooms 2017-07-19

electric hand dryer is a device used in almost all wash rooms for hygienically drying hands.Hand dryers are most eco friendly as they are instrumental in saving paper and towels.manual and automatic functioning models are available in abs body. Automatic hand dryers are completely comfortable. Dry your hands within 8-10 second. Adjustable sensitive distance of sensor from 10 to 30cm. Perfect use for public washroom, Hotels, Hospitals, Homes, Schools and Offices.

This electric hand dryer is a great solution to all of your hand drying needs 2017-07-12

This electric hand dryer is a great solution to all of your hand drying needs! If you are trying to eliminate waste in your guest restroom or locker room, this dryer is the perfect choice.This automatic hand dryer mounts securely to the wall in your restroom to easily provide your guests with an economical alternative to paper towels, while still providing plenty of drying power. 

Electric hand dryer in the long-term 2017-07-05

When looking for a hand dryer that complements your bathroom’s interior while at the same time ensuring that it remains functional in the long-term. The electric hand dryer is fast ensuring that it dries within 10-12 seconds. To boost durability, wall mounted hand dryer has a cast aluminum cover that is coated with white epoxy finish, which protects your device from corrosion. It remains clean and hygienic prevents growth of biofilm and mold.

One of the most popular electric hand dryer 2017-06-28

Dihour electric hand dryer is one of the top brands in the market that offers durable hand drying machines. These electric hand dryers are made from the best materials in the market. Dihour best hand dryers, like world dryer model a series hand dryers, require very low maintenance and will dry your hands in as little as 10-15 seconds.

The best electric hand dryer 2017-06-21

The electric hand dryer is the most energy efficient, best of the best hand dryer, and fastest hygienic hand dryer. The warm air hand dryer is designed to optimize dry time, energy consumption and sound quality. The intelligent, flexible controls allow customizing of air flow, sound quality and heating options to fit any application environments.