Choose high-quality, advanced technology electric hand dryer
2017-06-14 by dihour

Choose high-quality, advanced technology electric hand dryer with automatic infrared sensors that allow the dryer to run for more than 60 seconds. Use warm air to dry wet hands for ultimate safety and sanitation in the workplace or retail outlets.

Advanced Technology

Hand dryers feature infrared sensors that turn on warm air when hands are detected and shuts off after hands are removed to preserve heat and electricity. Automatic activators feature hygienic high speeds and vandalism-resistant components to ensure customers and employees have access to hands-free, sanitary drying.

Sturdy Structure

Choose from brushed stainless steel and heavy duty steel covers to professional grade white compartments with ABS and satin chrome to maintain wear and tear from overuse. Automatic, high-efficiency hand dryers mount easily and securely to walls in restrooms and kitchen areas within the workplace. Automatic hand dryers are available in small and large sizes to accommodate high-traffic areas and continuous use.

Efficient Accessories

Improve the efficiency of best hand dryer in the workplace using HEPA filters with odor neutralizing tablets that eliminate the amount of water that collects on the floor. Ensure the drying area is a slip-free zone with filters that provide a wider cavity opening for hand drying. Filters with larger water collection reservoir require less maintenance with antimicrobial technology.

No-Touch Technology

Keep germs at bay with no-touch technology with quick dry options. Customers and employees can enjoy quick drying within 20 to 30 seconds with many models and avoid touching germ infested towels or buttons with infrared sensors detecting motion. The warm heat is at an optimal temperature to avoid overheating and burning with advanced technology to dry quickly and safely as universal voltage automatically adjusts.