Jet dry hand for people to bring health protection
2017-02-15 by dihour
Modern people have a common understanding of healthy life, security and personal health is the most important, when we come out from the bathroom, there will be a good habit of washing their hands, but when we wash hands, Will certainly pay attention to the process of handing in some large public places in general there is no towel for us to use, if any, then the bacteria here will be very much, but there will be some friends will Said that I will use a paper towel to wipe the Fast Hand Dryers, then everyone should use a paper towel to touch the hand, then there will be a lot of waste and pollution, that after some scientists for these places to install a jet dry phone will solve a lot of Public problem.

There have been some in some newspapers to see some of the use of Stainless Steel HandDryer will easily lead to the spread of bacteria, but we have to tell you that this is a wrong saying, when we use the jet dry phone, the hand is directly into the dry Inside the phone, will not contact with any items, only the jet inside the dry hot air came the hot air flow, if there are some bacteria in the air, then after the dry cell heating furnace wire, it will be inside Bacteria kill off, there will not be any bacteria residue, so we also need to think about their brains.
Now, jet dry phone has been popular in our lives up, some people who care about healthy people have also bought a dry phone, jet dry phone for people to bring health protection, is a lot of public places indispensable Equipment. Then when we go out, you can also choose a jet dry phone place to shop.