Why such a big double-sided stem cell phones
2016-03-18 by dihour
Mainly double-sided jet stream simultaneously power hand dryers palm, Motor type: DC brushless motor jet wind speed of up to 85-99m / s (adjustable speed) and is equipped with a water receiving means efficient filter to prevent water slide wrestling down. volume was somewhat large. ordinary stem cell phones without water receiving means, to be ready to deal with artificial secondary pollution seem tedious routine cleaning and maintenance. In addition Dihour double-dry using a mobile phone streamline design and ergonomic principles, both sides of the open design, do not worry palm hit the side wall from both sides can also be hand easily into dry hands groove. dry hands seem so luxurious, near the side of the body set up for the tilt angle (about 15 degrees ), you can put your hand into a natural posture gives you in a relaxed state of nature and fast hand dryer