Dihour energy efficient and high-speed hand dryer into the market
2016-05-25 by dihour
The demand for eco-friendly appliances and increased awareness about washroom hygiene has led to the high adoption of electric hand dryers, which resulted in a projected CAGR of over 12% for this market during the forecast period. Hand dryers are widely used in the hospitality industry, therefore their growth in the hospitality sector is expected to contribute considerably to the growth of the electric hand dryer market.
Customization of products is another fast-moving trend that is driving the growth of the electric hand dryers market. Manufacturers in the hand dryers market are offering customization to cater to the needs of the users. For instance, Dihour energy efficient and high speed hand dryer into the market. Such innovations in the market are likely to uplift the electric hand dryers market during the forecast period.