Hand dryers can prevent bacteria from spreading
2017-02-20 by dihour
Usually we often bring in the side of the paper towel is an independent packaging, in fact, seemingly white paper towel above is a lot of bacteria. Studies have shown that some of the towels on the bacteria even more than our hands, if you use this paper towel, even if the hand has been washed very clean, or will be contaminated. If you then use the contaminated hand to eat, the consequences we can imagine.

Airjet Hand Dryer is not directly contact with the skin, but the use of hot air will be the hands of excess water "dry", a short period of time to reach the level of dry hands. This will not only avoid contact with bacteria, but also to keep the hands clean. And because it is not directly people's hands, even if people do not use cross-infection situation. It is very suitable for people to use a larger place to use, while ensuring the health of users at the same time, but also shows the business to the customer responsible attitude.
But a lot of small workshops produced products simply can not meet the national standards, poor production of materials will produce some harmful substances on the human body, such products can not only avoid the spread of bacteria, but also the health of the user caused a certain degree of harm The In order to better serve our customers, it is recommended that you choose a large brand like Voith Electric in order to ensure a higher quality of service and life experience when purchasing dry hands.