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A very intelligent hand dryer 2017-07-24

The 3D Smart Hand dryers is a very intelligent hand dryer with a rated power between just 500W and 1300W dependent upon the environment of the washroom. The main feature of this extreme hand dryer is it automatically adjusts to the surrounding ambient air temperature. Therefore in the winter you get a nice flow of warm air and do not waste electricity heating air unnecessarily in the summer. In the long run saving you money on those energy bills.

A very effective hand dryers 2017-07-17

We are offering our clients an array of auto hand dryers, which are very effective and power efficient. These are provided by us in diverse specifications to suit the varied requirements of our clients. These extreme hand dryer are wall hanging and requires minimum maintenance due to which they have high demand in the market.

Extreme hand dryer deliver energy efficient performance 2017-07-10

The advanced designs and stylish looks of these top quality extreme hand dryer deliver energy efficient performance to your facility's restrooms to help reduce waste and save you money. These commercial hand dryers help to eliminate the need for paper towels, reduce restroom energy consumption, and produce fewer heat emissions than their traditional counterparts. Accordingly, a significant portion of their products are manufactured from high quality recycled materials and can be recycled at the end of service as well.

The extreme hand dryer - a high-speed compliant hand dryer 2017-07-03

The extreme hand dryer is a high-speed, surface-mounted ADA compliant hand dryer that is extremely energy efficient utilizing.Featuring a HEPA filtration system and antimicrobial technology—and offering adjustable two-speed motor controls and global universal voltage features—high speed hand dryer easily accommodates the needs of any commercial washroom environment.

An heavy duty, extreme acceleration hand dryer 2017-06-26

The extreme hand dryer has been purpose built for use in high traffic establishments such as cinemas, bars, restaurants, shopping centres, etc. The narrow air gap concentrates airflow so you can really feel the power as you dry your hands. The auto hand dryers will have your hands dry in 10 seconds. It powers up when hands are under the drying sensor and switches off when hands are removed, no extra drying time and no wasted energy. 

Extreme hand dryer - a fast, easy way to dry their hands 2017-06-19

This extreme hand dryer provides a fast, easy way for employees and customers to dry their hands, while automatic, hands-free sensor detection and an antimicrobial-infused air delivery system improve sanitation! Its motor and powerful heating element generate a strong, warm airflow for fast drying, and adjustable sound and speed options let you tailor operation to suit the needs of a busy sports stadium, a quiet library, or anything in between. This auto hand dryer also makes installation easy with its universal voltage feature.It also comes with shielded air intake vents and tamper resistant screws.