To heat-based and high-speed wind dry type
2017-02-22 by dihour
Heating-based hand dryer, usually heating power is relatively large, more than 1000W, and the motor power is very small, less than 200W, the typical characteristics of this dry hand is the high temperature, relying on relatively high temperature wind , The hands of the water away, this way dry hand is relatively slow, generally more than 30 seconds, the advantage is the noise is small, so by the office and so need a quiet space of all ages.

High-speed wind-type Stainless Steel Hand Dryers, is characterized by very high wind speed, up to 130 m / s or more, the speed of dry hands within 10 seconds, the heating power is relatively low, only a few hundred watts, the heating function is only to maintain comfort Degree, the basic does not affect the speed of dry hand. Because of the speed of fast hand, by the food factory, pharmaceutical factory, electronics factory, high-end office (sound insulation effect) and other places welcome, the same because of low energy consumption, and with the hand of the hand dryer almost, by the environmentalists recommended.