The first Dihour jet hand dryer
2016-03-21 by dihour
There is also a lot of stories, as early as 2003, Mitsubishi double-sided touch free hand sanitizer dispenser to the domestic market, when people feel better, both sides of the wind is very strong, like a high-pressure air is ejected as useful shot in the hand massage feeling, and then it began to imitate, but also once and during Japan's Mitsubishi in Shanghai lawsuit, after several twists and turns of a group of domestic sales manager who had an idea, simply to take a special kind of product name: "jet dry hands, jet dryers ", it and traditional hand dryer to distinguish, from the beginning of the traditional hand dryer revolution, as we all know, the traditional liquid hand dispenser wall mounted generally want in a short time (a few seconds within the time) could not do the hand, then with this strong double-sided design of high winds, dry hands, hand dryers revolution began. Therefore, under these words later inheritance and efforts salesman rapidly popularized in the industry, so with such a name for