An energy-efficient model - extreme hand dryer
2017-06-05 by dihour

Quieter & even more energy efficient than the model it was created to replace, the extreme hand dryer is a surface-mounted, high-speed, low-noise, energy-efficient model.Rather than blowing air over hands in the open, best hand dryers has an opening where users insert their hands. This model mounts directly to the wall's surface, but only protrudes into the room 6-1/8". Operation is fully automatic, with an infrared sensor turning the dryer on & off. To activate, the user stands comfortably and naturally facing the unit. With hands parallel to the ground (fingers out & palms down), hands are touchlessly inserted into the drying space. The user slowly withdrawals his hands, turns them over, and reinserts...repeating process. The droplets of water blown off a user's hands are captured in a hygienic drainage tray. The capacity of the drain tray is an impressive 0.15 gallons. With no water left to trickle down the wall, the dryer, wall, & floor stay free of moisture and water marks. As a result, mold growth is prevented. Hands are fully dry in approx. 12 seconds, but the actual length of the run cycle is determined by the user. The motor shuts off as soon as the user’s hands are no longer detected. An integrated filter scrubs the intake air before the jet air ever reaches your hands.