How should we keep the hand dryer clean? Clean the hand dryer and pay attention to those things?
2017-02-17 by dihour
Periodic cleaning. Of course, the best time to clean up every day, clean up the hand dryer can not only wipe the appearance of seconds Oh, the internal cleaning is equally important. In order to avoid the breeding of bacteria, be sure to thoroughly clean, and to keep the machine dry. Especially in large public places, but also to clean up in a timely manner, which is responsible for the performance of customers. In addition, you can also choose a surface antibacterial effect of the hygienic hand dryers, such as Dior Electric DH2630T single-sided jet dryers and DH9922H double-sided jet hand dryer shells are made of antibacterial plastic, which can effectively reduce and Reduce the breeding of bacteria.

Use professional cleaning agents. Water or general cleaning agent is difficult to remove some of the bacteria in the hand dryer, in order to more thoroughly remove the bacteria, be sure to use professional cleaning supplies. It is best kept by hand, regular cleaning every day. After cleaning, it is best not to use immediately, in general, when the guests do not have time to clean, or when the flow of people less, so as to ensure that after a period of time interval after use.