What are the High-speed Hand Dryer's advantages
2016-06-13 by dihour
What are the High-speed Hand Dryer's advantages over warm air hand dryers?
From the user standpoint, the biggest advantage is faster drying time. Compared with the 30 to 40 seconds required by warm-air dryers, the High speed Hand Dryer reduces the time to 3-6 seconds.
How is the drying time reduced?
Unlike warm-air dryers, where the hands are dried while being rubbed together, the High-speed Hand Dryer utilizes nozzles on the inner sides of the unit where the hands are inserted. As the jets of air are directed at the hands, drops of water are literally forced off.
How much wind is generated?
Set to the "Hyper" position, the High-speed Hand Dryer generates roughly 3.6 cubic meters of wind per minute.