World best hand dryers - Dihour hand dryer
2016-07-22 by dihour
The Dihour extreme hand dryer,heavy duty stainless steel hand dryer is one of the best hand dryers we have it is very popular, And very much lives up to its name. This hand dryer is mostly used in public places such as schools, colleges, restaurants and bars. This is one of the fastest hand dryers in the world and takes up to just 4 seconds to dry your hands guaranteed.
The Dihour offers a long life motor-energy saver reaching hot air temperatures up to 30-50°C. Highly recommend for high traffic areas, it will dry your hands quickly avoiding queues.
This hand dryer only takes approximately 8~12 seconds to dry your hands. You can definitely purchase this product with confidence, it has a heavy duty stainless steel shell which is made of high quality chrome and finished with a shine.