Stainless Steel Hand Dryer dry hand very quick.make by high-speed fan ( motor use brushless dc motor or carbon brush ) as the power,Stainless Steel Hand Dryers the outlet wind speed can reach above 90 m/s, usually quick to hand water blow fly, dry hand speed within 10 seconds, usually with a high sensitivity of the sensor at the same time, and run the protection technology, higher control precision requirements for products.
Stainless Steel HandDryers is Microcomputer (CPU) control, infrared sensing, stretch hand to automatic wind, anti-interference ability is strong,Stainless Steel HandDryer attractive and durable imported special surface shell, the wind blowing in different directions, hot and cold wind can be adjusted when delivery from factory, as well as dry hands. Because it is big air volume, high wind speed, so than ordinary hand dryer drying save half the time.