Autoamtic High Speed Jet Hand Dryer Brush Motor Type DH9922HUV

High Speed Dual Jet Hand Dryer (Brush)

UV Light Hand Dryers

Motor:Brush motor,Life time 1-2 years

Rated Power:1250-1650W
Air speed:75-100m/s
Drying Time:6-10 seconds
Antibacterial ABS plastic material

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    Automatic Touch Free,Infra-red controlEnclosure-ABS with anti-bacterial additive
    Noise level-Min65db to 69db@1mColour-White or metallic silver
    Dry Time-7-10s (UV Light Hand Dryer)Water ingress protection-IPX4 WARRANTY
    Air Speed-75-100M/SAir Filter-Washable type
    Voltage-220-240V AC 50/60HzNet weight-7.25kg
    Rated Power-1250-1650WDepth-219mm
    Motor Type-BrushSize-300mm(wide)670mm(height)
    Certificate Warranty
    CE,CB,ROSHBrush motor 1 years,whole machine 1 year.

    The UV Light Hand Dryer is 1.4 timers wider than the old type, more suitable for the big hand use now.
    More deeper design from 180mm to now 208mm;even children can convenience to use it.
    UV Light Hand Dryers Less noise than old type for 3dbs, touch free hand drying ensures complete hygiene.
    It is a sign of safety, hygienic, modern and efficient by Dihour (UV Light Hand Dryers manufacturer)
    1.Hygienic: External water drain design is easy to clean water drain. reducing the potential transmission of bacteria.
    2.Energy efficient: rated only 550w under not heating. Most important is temperature control system ,which will adjust air or cold automatically as outer temperature changing.
    3.Antibacterial: The material ABS is with antibacterial agents that prevent growth of bacteria . In addition, inserted antibacterial HEPA filter is made of carton filter, hepa filter, antibacterial filter. The efficiency is 99%(0.3um)
    4.Safety: overheating protection,over-current protection, short-circuit protection.

  • No air blows when hands are inserted

    a.Do thedisplay indicators lights up?
    Turn the ground-fault circuit breaker on.

    b.Is the power switch on?
    Turn the power switch on.

    c.Are you putting your hands all the wayin?
    Reputhands all the way in.

    Machine works long time after hands drawn out,finally stop.

    a.Any dirt orforeign body on sensor?
    Switch off the power button,and then removedirt or foreign body on sensor after the power light off when finished,switchon power button.

    No hot wind

    a.There is a built-in heater in the unit.
    Put the power switch to off

    b.Fuse inside terminal box blown?
    Switch off power,removw front cover.There is a terminal box inside.Take down the cover of terminal box.Check the fuse inside box which is blown or not.